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In the second instalment of our new forward-looking content and event series for 2020: "The Future of Mobility", we explore the intersection of technology, the law, and how we move. From self-driving cars to Mobility-as-a-Service, innovative technologies are reshaping our transportation networks, cities, and vehicles themselves. These novel technologies and applications create equally new and interesting legal questions. Join us in exploring these issues and the future of mobility.

The Future of Series 2020

Mobility-as-a-Service – reimagining transportation

Governments, traditional transport service providers and innovative businesses all over the globe are rethinking how we organise and access transportation systems. To address the rising demand on traditional transport networks, we need a new understanding of mobility. These changes are made possible by digitalisation and the comprehensive spread of smartphones. This innovative new approach is known as "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS). Read more / by Philipp J. Marboe

Related areas of Specialisation: Regulatory & Administrative Law, TMT

Connected Cars and Data Protection

Connected cars are already a reality, with the power to communicate with infrastructure, networks, and each other. Transmitting huge volumes of data, these "computers on wheels" raise questions regarding data protection and privacy. See infographic below

Safety for motion planning of automated vehicles

Safety is the critical aspect for vehicle manufacturers to gain type approval for production vehicles. However, 100% accident-free driving cannot be achieved due to unforeseen events beyond the control of the vehicle and driver. Thus, the following question arises: how can we most effectively ensure the safety of automated cars? Learning-based methods and control algorithms are current approaches. Read more / by Tim Brüdigam

Related areas of Specialisation: Regulatory & Administrative Law

Self-driving cars and liability

Autonomous driving is increasing in prevalence and popularity, and the accompanying technical progress leads to numerous legal questions. In the field of private law, self-driving cars certainly put existing liability regimes to the test:

•    Who is liable for a software failure?
•    Do legislators need to introduce reforms in the field of Fault, Strict and Product Liability?

The answer to most of these problems is surprisingly simple. Read more / by Stefan Perner

Related areas of Specialisation: Arbitration, Litigation

Successful start of our "The Future of…" event series!

120 guests, 14 speakers and one big topic: The Future of Investing. In January, we had our kick-off event with succinct high-level presentations on topics like crypto assets, trading bots, crowd investing, the digital estate and sharing platforms. Find more information in our press release.

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