Job Openings

Alternatively, you may wish to send us an unsolicited application if none of the current vacancies match your criteria.

Job Applications – FAQs


  • To submit a job application, please use our online job portal (accessible via the APPLY ONLINE button in the lower right-hand corner of the job ad).
  • Please submit the following documents: your CV, a motivation letter in German or English, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, language diplomas, etc. (as PDF files).
  • Setting up an account and logging in will allow you to make changes or add documents at a later date.

CEE/SEE offices

  • Please send your application documents via e-mail to the relevant local office operations manager.

How the selection process works

  • We receive your application documents
  • We invite you for an interview by e-mailing you or calling you on the phone
  • One or more in-person interviews are held with one of our recruiters or local office managers and one or more partners or departmental heads
  • Depending on the position, there may be an individual written and/or oral assessment
  • A trial day and/or an office tour and/or a get-together with potential colleagues may be offered/requested
  • Legal and non-legal internships: assessment centre


Are you interested in working for us, but worried about confidentiality with regard to your job search?

Please be assured that all candidate information is kept confidential during the application process and thereafter (in line with the GDPR).

If you are still in doubt, you have the following options:

  • Contact one of our recruiters directly by phone and explain that you intend to submit a job application. Upon request, you have the opportunity to send your CV via e-mail to a contact whom you trust. Before discussing your application with our partners or team leaders, the recruiter will tell you about the next steps and who will receive your CV.
  • Get in touch with someone at the firm whom you know and trust. In all likelihood they will offer to put you in touch with a recruiter whom they trust.  

A short guide to job interviews

Apply for legal positions or non-legal positions.

Prepare yourself

Find out about the work we do, our people, the firm’s ethos, and the type of candidate profile we might be looking for. Naturally enough, candidates who are well-prepared are likely to make a good impression.

Demonstrate your strengths

What makes you an ideal candidate? What skills, relevant experience or personal characteristics do you possess that make you the right person for the job? The more you tell us, the greater the opportunity to impress us.

What makes you different

Perhaps you have an unusual hobby or background, or an interesting story that shows off your personality to good effect? Take a chance and try to make an impression.

Be authentic

Honesty and openness are of greater value to us than superficialities. By showing us who you are, you’ll be giving us the chance to find out whether you’re right for the job and the team.

Ask questions

Show interest in your potential superior. The way he/she speaks, explains, and describes the work will reflect his/her leadership style. Listening and re-phrasing demonstrates understanding and provides evidence of motivation and determination to get the job.

Get the details

If you get the job and start work, do you know enough about what it will involve? Will the conditions, the firm’s ethos, the team and the work itself be right for you, in view of your interests and abilities? Ask questions that will help in your own decision-making.

Stay in touch

If you don’t get the job, the recruiter may keep your documents on file for the future. Tell the recruiter that you’d be happy for your documents to be kept on file, as it will demonstrate interest in working for Wolf Theiss if a subsequent opportunity arises.

Show that you’re motivated

We’re looking for candidates with commitment and a hands-on approach – people who will put in the effort to make the most of their career. Presenting yourself in an inspiring manner will show us that you intend to be energetic on the job.

Apply for a job now

Apply for legal positions or non-legal positions.