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In order to be a leading law firm, you need lots of different people in various career fields working together. About half of our workforce operates in the non-legal area.

Wolf Theiss is made up of smart, interesting people who like to think outside the box and are great team players. We offer career opportunities in different fields for the right kind of person. Take a closer look at who we are and if the place is right for you.

Andrea Miskolczi
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer
T. +43 1 51510
Schubertring 6
1010 Vienna
Gernot Rauter
Chief Financial Officer
T. +43 1 51510
Schubertring 6
1010 Vienna
Barbara Stimpfl-Abele
Chief Human Resources Officer - maternity leave
T. +43 1 51510
Schubertring 6
1010 Vienna
Helmut Waitzer
Chief Information Officer
T. +43 1 51510
Schubertring 6
1010 Vienna
Michaela Fischer
Chief Human Resources Officer
T. +43 1 51510
Schubertring 6
1010 Vienna
Support Professionals

It takes more than lawyers to run a law firm. A successful and growing business like ours also needs talented and ambitious support staff, working in everything from Marketing and Finance to IT (or right here in Human Resources). We often have openings for non-legal professionals, so make sure you check back regularly.

Business Departments


  • Preparation of the local and group financial statements
  • Handling of outgoing invoices to clients and incoming invoices from suppliers
  • Coordination of local accounting and associated tasks


Billing & Collection

  • Billing of performed services
  • Preparation of reports
  • Administration of hourly rates
  • Debt collection including reminders


Business Development & Marketing

  • Public relations
  • Marketing materials and graphic support
  • Rankings, submissions and pitches
  • Customer relationship management
  • Event management
  • Administration of publications
  • Internal business development awards


  • Monthly revenue, performance and group reports
  • Monthly budget and efficiency reports
  • Annual budgeting process
  • Evaluation and ad-hoc reports


Facility Services

  • Technical support
  • Housekeeping
  • Messenger service


Human Resources

  • Recruiting
  • Employer Branding & HR Marketing
  • Training & Development
  • HR Controlling
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employee Services



  • IT Support
  • IT Infrastructure (Projects)
  • Application Support


Main Data Maintenance & Library

  • Administration of physical (books, magazines etc.) and non-physical (databases) knowledge
  • Research support, weekly newsletters
  • Compliance: Centralized execution of conflict checks for all offices


  • Reception
  • Administration of conference rooms
  • Front-office support
  • Catering & events support


  • Accepting and redirecting calls


Travel Desk

  • In-house organization of business travel requests for all offices
  • Administration of suppliers (hotels, transfers, car rental, railways, airlines etc.)
  • Approval of business trips
Training & Development

We did not become one of the leading law firms in our region without investing heavily in training and professional development. It remains a major priority. As long as you bring the ambition and the talent, we will provide all the training and mentoring you need to make the most of your ability.

As part of one of our support teams, you will find plenty of opportunities to advance your career by getting involved in new projects and new experiences. We do not believe in strict layers of hierarchy within the firm, so there are no artificial restrictions placed on your development. Instead, you will be given as much responsibility as you can handle, with the job-specific training you need to succeed.


If you want to run an efficient law firm, you need super-efficient legal assistants. People, who can think quickly and organize an office effectively. You will definitely enjoy working in a team of young people, where accuracy and a friendly manner are equally important. We are interested in hearing from anyone with good English skills, strong motivational ability, and an appetite for a challenge. Check back for the latest openings.

Training & Development

Your role as an Assistant will naturally take you into all kinds of areas, with different challenges every day. As you learn and progress on the job, we will support you with formal trainings in our School for Assistants.

Student Jobs

Sometimes there is no substitute for first-hand experience. Working alongside our lawyers will give you the best possible insight into the daily life of an international law firm – and the best possible start in your career. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

  • Evening Assistant (15 to 24 hours per week – administrative support)
  • Evening Receptionist (9 to 24 hours per week – administrative support)
  • Messenger Service (1-2 days a week – in-house courier service)
  • Business Internships (full-time non-legal summer internships in one of our departments)
  • Legal Internships (full-time internships for law students)
  • Legal Trainee (part-time work for law students)

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