Wolf Theiss


Usually, your first day at Wolf Theiss will start with an introduction to our firm. Within your first weeks, you’ll get to know the management team and our departments, and you will attend relevant training sessions. One of our recruiters or a colleague will accompany you to your office and help you get oriented on your first day.

As a lawyer, you will be involved in client work and current cases straight away. Depending on your level of education and experience, your mentor partner and other senior lawyers will assign you tasks and help you get acquainted with work procedures and current projects. You will receive ongoing feedback to help you handle your new position. After a few months, with the help of your mentor partner you’ll be asked to prepare a target agreement for the coming year.

As a Legal Assistant or Support Professional, depending on the team or department you are joining, you will be introduced by your colleagues or team members. After a specified period, you’ll receive direct feedback regarding your introductory phase and further development.




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