Wolf Theiss

The Art of Wolf Theiss

Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann is one of the most successful and sought-after illustrators in the world. The Berlin-based artist has brought his wit, humour and irony to a broad audience through publications such as THE NEW YORKER, the New York Times and ZEITmagazin, as well as in new media, having designed interactive games, apps and Google logos. Always intending, in his words, “not only to illustrate, but also to get people to think,” he addresses the serious and the mundane alike with a combination of traditional pen-and-paper techniques, digital innovations and materials as eclectic as banknotes, paperclips, salt shakers and toys.

Niemann has applied his approach to what has become a successful and award-winning advertising campaign for Wolf Theiss. His pictures evoke the core strength of the CEE-based law firm: a proven track record of client advocacy that concentrates on reducing exposure to risk, planning for the future and applying a comprehensive understanding of the law that is both cross-border and local.


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