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Newssquare Potentially Significant Changes Coming To Spatial Planning

In September 2017, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development announced a project with the goal of modifying specific laws concerning the real estate investment process (project no. UD300). The bill is currently being evaluated by different committees of the Council of Ministers. The most impactful changes are those regarding the law on spatial planning and development.

Newssquare An Obligatory Charge for Certain Types of Plastic Bags Effective as of 01 January 2018

Earlier this year, National Council of the Slovak Republic passed the Act No. 90/2017 Coll. (the "Amendment") amending and supplementing the Act No. 79/2015 Coll. on Waste, as amended (the "Act on Waste").

Newssquare The Romanian Competition Council Releases Its Compliance Guide

In what is a significant step in the promotion of competition law compliance, the Romanian Competition Council ("RCC") released its Compliance Guide ("CG") aimed at assisting all types of companies, irrespective of their size, in the implementation of a tailored and effective compliance program.


На 27 ноември 2017г. Европейската комисия прие Регулаторните технически стандарти ("Техническите стандарти") към втората директива(1) на ЕС за платежните услуги ("Втората директива").

Newssquare Launch of new FIDIC Contract Conditions

The "contracts of choice" for the world's most high-profile construction and infrastructure projects have been updated. FIDIC launched revised versions of its internationally recognized Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book, replacing the renowned 1999 FIDIC Suite of Contracts.

Newssquare Legal Provisions Regarding the Acquisition of Farmland in Certain Countries in CEE

The large-scale acquisition of farmland in CEE countries has been a highly debated topic for some time. This is mainly due to the relatively low price of land in comparison to that in other parts of Europe as well as the good quality of the soil. However, there has also been a constant tendency to restrict farmland acquisition to an individual country's nationals (legal entities and individuals), and to put up limitations to the acquisition of farmland by EU/European Economic Area individuals or companies.


The EU Commission, further incited by the Paris terrorist attacks, has declared the fight against tax avoidance, money laundering and terrorist financing a top priority; in 2018 stricter rules will enter into force also in Austria – legal entities should prepare themselves in good time.

Newssquare GDPR Update: DPO Now Included in Romanian Classification of Occupations

In preparation for the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which comes into force in May 2018, Romania has updated its Classification of Occupations (COR) to include data protection officers (DPOs).

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