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Covid-19 has changed the world. Beyond the immediate and dramatic effects in Q1/Q2 of this year, the longer-term impacts will shape the rest of 2020's business and legal landscape. How will decision makers, developments in the markets and the on-going effects of the crisis shape the year to come in business? The Wolf Theiss Reboot 2020 series takes a close look at these topics, offering insight and analysis on specific areas of law and business.

We begin with a focus on M&A, providing a wide-spectrum outlook, a deep-dive into distressed M&A and a country focus on Poland. We are also proud to include the result of our collaboration with Boston Consulting Group: a Practitioner's Guide to a Successful Comeback post COVID-19.

The next installment in our Reboot 2020 series will be the Evolution of Banking and Finance. A sneak peek is available below.

M&A in times of Covid-19 – looking ahead

The current crisis remains unprecedented and will continue to have a tremendous impact on M&A activity. However, with all caution currently warranted, we are confident that activity will pick up again.Those players who are able to position themselves well, take a strategic perspective and prepare for opportunities to come will benefit most and may well be able to enhance their market position long-term through clever dealmaking.
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In line with many other jurisdictions, the Austrian M&A market has suffered from the COVID-19 crisis both in terms of volume and number of deals. In the months to come, we expect an uptick in distressed M&A. Such distressed M&A transactions may offer opportunities for buyers as well as for sellers, if they are prepared and know how to act swiftly.
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Poland may see up to several hundred million euros in distressed M&A Investments

Funds specializing in the acquisition of assets in difficulty are already beginning to actively seek investment opportunities in Poland. It is estimated that such funds currently have between EUR 30 and 40 billion at their disposal, out of which several hundred million euros may go to Poland. However, bankruptcy and restructuring law may be an obstacle in the way of facilitating such transactions.
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Fast Forward: successful comeback post COVID-19

Wolf Theiss and Boston Consulting Group have partnered to create a comprehensive practitioner's guide for a successful corporate comeback in 2020, covering both economic and legal topics. Utilizing a "survive, restart and thrive" approach, the guide offers analysis and insight to not only survive the effects of the crisis but to best position your business post COVID-19. Read more..

This guide was created by Leopold Höher, Walter Pöschl, and Mimo Hussein from Wolf Theiss and Jochen Schönfelder, Dr. Ralf Moldenhauer and Alexander Winkler from BCG.

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M&A Spotlight: Corporate Monitor

While the current challenges in global markets have significantly changed the M&A landscape, understanding the fundamentals of the market beyond the current crisis remains important. A key component is analysing how the 2019 market continues to play a role in today's environment. This report provides a look back at the M&A market in 2019 across CEE/SEE, while drawing on insights from dealmakers to understand which sectors remain interesting for inbound M&A in the region. / Read more..  

Download related file: MergerMarket M&A Guide  / *.pdf


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The Evolution of Banking & Finance

In our next installment we will cover the Evolution of Banking and Finance, which will look at how the crisis is reshaping the lending market, what to expect in terms of bank consolidation and how the regulatory environment may develop.

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