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Wolf Theiss contributes to the development of Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) Portal

Bucharest, 22 November 2016 – Wolf Theiss contributed to the development of cloud privacy check (CPC) portal, the largest european information platform explaining data protection laws.

Adelina Iftime-Blăgean and Andreea Alexandru (Wolf Theiss Bucharest) are part of the team of lawyers from across 32 countries who have created the Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) portal. Initiated by Eurocloud (a pan-European cloud innovation hub), the website www.cloudprivacycheck.eu hosts a free of charge infographic which explains the principles of data protection regulations in 26 languages. The portal is intended to simplify certain decisions and processes for those directly interested in cloud services.

Additionally, the Data Protection Compliance database found at the link https://dataprivacycompliance.eu/ provides highly relevant legal information for 32 countries that can easily be compared with each other.

Understanding the complexity of current European data protection laws and regulations is already difficult enough for an IT engineer, buyer or business user. In combination with the often small but nevertheless significant differences between various EU member states however, it can become an almost insurmountable challenge without proper legal guidance from the very start.

Adelina Iftime-Blăgean (Senior Associate, Wolf Theiss) says: “Apart from the language complexity, cloud service providers operating in Europe are faced with major obstacles in observing the different national data protection frameworks. This is perceived by them as causing massive and unacceptable competitive disadvantages in comparison with, for example, the USA.”

Dr. Tobias Höllwarth (Advisory Board Member, EuroCloud Europe Spokesman) says: “This is an European project. With the CPC portal, we have created the largest European information platform explaining data protection laws in the simplest possible terms and free of charge, making 32 different national regulations directly comparable. This allows companies to save thousands of Euros.”

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