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Newssquare Change in Perpetual Usufruct is Coming

Starting from January 1, 2019, the rights of perpetual usufruct of plots built-up with residential buildings will be transformed into ownership rights. The draft of the new act, which aims to support citizens in obtaining the ownership rights of real estate developed with residential buildings, has already been adopted by the lower house of the parliament of Poland.

Newssquare Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority ("Anre") Has Set The Mandatory Quota For The Acquisition Of Green Certificates

Order no. 158/2018 on the establishment of the estimated mandatory quota for the acquisition of green certificates for the period August-December 2018 ("Order no. 158/2018"), issued by the President of ANRE and published in the Official Journal no. 666 of 31 July 2018 came into effect on 1 August 2018.

Newssquare Resale Price Maintenance in the Digital Age

European commission issues its first resale price maintenance decisions in over a decade fining four consumer electronics manufacturers for fixing online resale prices - monitoring software and pricing algorithms played a role.

Newssquare Changes to the E-RES Promotion Act in Romania

The Romanian parliament has recently enacted law no. 184/2018 for the approval of emergency government ordinance no. 24/2017 ("geo no. 24/2017"), which amends and completes law no. 220/2008 regulating the support scheme for the production of energy from renewable sources, ("e-res promotion act").

Newssquare Bulgarian Public Procurement Law Changes - Will the Procurement Procedures be Fastforwarded?

A new approach to speed-up appealing procedures and prevent bad faith appeals has been proposed by the Bulgarian government and adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament. The new Bill for amendments of the Public Procurement Act ("Bill") has been published in State Gazette No. 49/12.06.2018, entering into force on 15 June 2018. Both the contracting authorities and the bidders will be affected by the legal novelties.

Newssquare New System for Distribution of Companies' Dividends in Romania

As of 15 July 2018, Romanian companies are allowed to distribute dividends to shareholders either quarterly or annually. The new system regarding quarterly distribution of dividends was implemented by Law no. 163/2018 amending and supplementing Accounting Law no. 82/1991, the Companies Law no. 31/1990 as well as Law no.1/2005 on incorporation and operation of cooperative companies ("Law no. 163/2018"), published in the Romanian Official Gazette no. 595 dated 12 July 2018.

Newssquare Guidelines for Monitoring Employees after GDPR

Due to the implementation of GDPR, new provisions have been added to the Polish Labor Code ("Act") which, among others, regulate the monitoring of employees. We present information on the circumstances under which monitoring is permissible, what types of monitoring may be implemented and the obligations of employers to employees.

Newssquare New law to implement the GDPR measures in Romania was adopted by the Parliament

On 27 June 2018 the legislative proposal for implementing the GDPR measures in Romania was adopted by the Romanian Parliament. The draft has recently been submitted to the General Secretary for exercising the right to refer to the constitutionality of the law. The form to be signed for promulgation is available only in Romanian language and can be analyzed at the following official link*:


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