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The past years have been some of the most challenging in the history of global financial markets. As lender or as borrower, you need a banking and finance team which can support you with innovative and efficient solutions, and which has regulatory, litigation, restructuring and other specialists who can help you adapt to changing economic, political and regulatory conditions.

Recent developments have shown that the trend is focusing on financial regulatory issues. This means you need advice not only on compliance, but also assistance in developing internal policies and procedures that are consistent with banking laws and regulations to help you avoid unnecessary risk. You benefit from our team’s excellent relationships with local regulators and government officials.

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Areas of Specialisation


Whether you are a project sponsor, developer, commercial bank, underwriter, debt or equity investor, supplier, export-credit agency, government, contractor, purchaser or lender, you need advice on financing sector developments. You can rely on our experts in acquisition, real estate and project finance to quickly and efficiently help turn ideas into reality.

Loan Portfolio Transactions

Involved in a (distressed or non-distressed) loan transfer? You are on the safe side with us. No matter if you are on sell-side or buy-side, you benefit from our lawyers' expertise in loan portfolio transactions throughout the CEE/SEE region. The distressed debt market shows increased activity and potential for financial investors and banks recovering from low credit ratings and poor profitability performance. Our NPL dedicated team is available to advise you under English and on local law using LMA standards.

Deleveraging, Restructuring, Insolvency

When facing deleveraging, sensitive bankruptcy filings and restructurings issues, it is essential to minimize future legal challenges, potential liability hazards and risks of being preferential or set aside under avoidance rules. You can rely on us to advise you on turnarounds, asset protection and recovery from a commercial perspective as well as in relation to banking, corporate and litigation laws. Learn more about our Insolvency, Restructuring & Crisis Management practice.

Regulatory of the Financial Industry

We support you on all regulatory issues related to the establishment, licensing and operation of branches, subsidiaries and services on a local and cross-border basis, including capital and liquidity regulations such as Basel III and Basel IV.

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