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Lubica Stelzer Páleníková

Lubica Stelzer Páleníková

Senior Associate
Schubertring 6
1010 Vienna
Lubica Stelzer Páleníková

L'ubica Stelzer Páleníková is known in the Slovak and Austrian public procurement market as a specialist for public procurement in relation to concessions and PPP projects. Since 2009 L'ubica is a certified expert in Slovak public procurement law (“Úrad pre verejné obstarávanie”) and since June 2013 a registered lawyer in Austria, in Slovakia. She is also registered in the list of practising EU lawyers by the Slovak Bar Association. As a member of the managing board of the Slovak PPP Association she is involved in the administration of the activities of the PPP Association whose members encompass major financial institutions, construction companies, consulting companies as well as law firms.



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