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Fast Forward: successful comeback post COVID-19

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A Practitioner's Guide

To best support our clients in these unusual times, Wolf Theiss and Boston Consulting Group have teamed up to create a comprehensive practitioner’s guide for a successful corporate comeback in 2020, covering critical economic and legal aspects, to serve as one single source of guidance. 

Many companies are struggling to cope with the new economic circumstances, even as several government restrictions are lifted. Some firms are still in the midst of fighting for their immediate survival, while others are evaluating how to best restart their operations and prepare themselves for restructuring amongst the expected recession. The situation remains ambiguous and projections of the future are uncertain. 

With our simple yet focused approach - survive, restart and thrive - we provide guidance for our clients and business contacts to navigate the crisis and best position themselves post COVID-19. Furthermore, we are happy to answer any questions in relation to our material and COVID-19 crisis response in general - please do not hesitate to contact us.


Leopold Höher, Walter Pöschl, and Mimo Hussein from Wolf Theiss and Jochen Schönfelder, Dr. Ralf Moldenhauer and Alexander Winkler from BCG

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