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Dispute Resolution Insider - Third Edition

We are pleased to present the third issue of the DR Insider, the quarterly Newsletter of the Practice Group Dispute Resolution, which keeps you up to date on legal changes and news from around the CEE/SEE region.

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This quarter we begin with an explanation of the newly implemented differentiation between the various statuses of suspects in Austrian criminal proceedings; this is crucial when representing someone before the public prosecutor.

We further present our recently developed whistle blowing software SecuReveal, which allows whistle-blowers to notify the company on a confidential basis of internal irregularities and breaches of regulations. In our litigation chapter we inform you about some – partly – surprising decisions of the Austrian Supreme Court. Further, we report on some new developments in the field of procedural law, covering recent EU regulations which have come into force. In addition, read about certain steps under Czech law which can minimize the impact on creditors due to the insolvency of a business partner.

As always, we have an arbitration section dealing with new rules for the Zagreb Arbitration Court and a recent court decision regarding setting aside arbitral awards. Last but not least, the Austrian revision to the law of succession in 2015 brings changes to the rules on forced heirship which are relevant for the structuring of business successions.

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