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Dispute Resolution Insider – Second Edition

In our second issue of the DR Insider, we would like to draw your attention to some new developments in the field of arbitration in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Major rule changes in these CEE jurisdictions show very interesting and sometimes demanding procedural steps for parties involved in arbitration proceedings.

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In addition, we have tips on how to preserve your right to the costs of court proceedings under the Czech Republic's procedural code and a very interesting article regarding the role of medical court experts in Austrian proceedings.

Further, we report on a successful client outcome handled by our Vienna IP/IT team, which will assist the owners of trade secrets in the future with a legal means to efficiently fight the misappropriation of trade secrets by third parties.

With regard to recent fraud news, we explain how to mitigate the risk of a fake president fraud, and our Bucharest office reports on a landmark court decision affecting taxpayers.

Last but not least, please take a minute to scroll through some recent Austrian supreme court decisions.

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