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Dispute Resolution Insider - Fourth edition

Welcome to the 4th issue of the DR Insider, the quarterly Newsletter of the Wolf Theiss Dispute Resolution Practice Group. Given the ongoing lively public discussions regarding the free-trade agreements CETA and TTIP, this issue addresses the topic with an arbitration focus.

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We would also like to draw your attention to recent developments in Austrian law with regard to the private enforcement of capital markets regulation. Although discussions continue in some EU states as to whether investors may raise liability claims based on a violation of the capital markets regulation, Austrian courts have already confirmed such claims.


Once again, we have some very interesting contributions from our regional offices in Warsaw and Ljubljana. In addition, our colleagues from Sofia share their views on limitation periods regarding the international sale of goods and some latest developments in the fight against corruption in Bulgaria.


As you may have already noticed in our recent issues, white collar crime topics are becoming increasingly important across the CEE/SEE region and we will continue to keep you informed on new developments in this area.


Last but not least, we would like to inform you about our whistle blowing software SecuReveal (www.secureveal.com) which we introduced to you in our last issue.

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