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Dispute Resolution Insider - Eleventh Edition

Welcome to the 11th edition of the DRInsider, the quarterly Newsletter of the Wolf Theiss Disputes team, in which we provide an overview of recent developments in CEE/SEE.

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We present a selection of Austrian Supreme Court case law focusing on effects of a private joinder on limitation periods, the balance between an individual's personality right and medical research interests and also the question whether the public prosecutor may order the preservation of outsourced data in the course of a house search.   

Since the adoption of the controversial Polish Act on Claims for Redress of Injury Caused by Violation of Competition Law, legal practitioners are discussing if this new legal remedy will be abused by parties in order to obtain confidential information.

With regard to EU law, the ECJ has issued an interesting judgment in which it is interpreting the objective of the EU Directive relating to self-employed commercial agents saying that an agent has a right to indemnity or compensation even if the contract has been terminated during the trial period.

We wish you a really nice and relaxing summer.

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