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Newssquare Brexit: What's next for real estate developers, contractors and funders in CEE

The UK referendum has resulted in much work for pundits, not least because there is little certainty when, if at all, the UK will cease to be an EU Member State and what the legal and political framework of its relationship with the EU will be going forward. This note looks at the impact of Brexit real estate developers, constructors and funders projects in CEE and suggests actions that companies should be taking to mitigate any potential negative effects.

Newssquare How does Brexit affect real estate transactions in Austria?

Well, a Brelocation is probably easier right now than it would be in two years' time.


If you're an employer in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, then watch out! A new General Collective Agreement for FBiH has just come into effect changing, inter alia, how the lowest hourly rate, meal allowance and salary increases are calculated. This complements the new Labour Law and regulates issues that it did not cover or were contrary to its provisions.


Gute Nachrichten für Bietergemeinschaften in Vergabeverfahren: Nachdem die österreichische Judikatur die Insolvenz und das daraus folgende Ausscheiden eines Mitgliedes aus einer Bietergemeinschaft äußerst kritisch beurteilt hat, könnte eine jüngst ergangene Entscheidung des EuGH den Weg dafür ebnen, dass der verbleibende Partner das Verfahren fortsetzen oder gar den Zuschlag erhalten kann. Unter welchen Umständen dies möglich ist, erfahren Sie im angehängten Client Alert.


New amendments to the Law on Enforcement Proceedings in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina have just come into effect. The amendments additionally protect the FBiH and other public bodies from enforcement proceedings against their assets and restrict the sale of a debtor's real property at a third public auction without an acceptable minimum bid value in general. The amendment affects all creditors which have an enforceable deed against the FBiH or its public bodies, preventing them from settling their claims out of the shares and securities held by these bodies.

Newssquare The implementation norms for the new public and sectorial procurement laws were published by the Romanian government

We provide this update to our newsletter of 2 June 2016, on the entry into force of the new public procurement legislative package consisting of four (4) laws regulating this area, which update relates to the issuance and publication by the Romanian Government of implementation norms for the public and sectorial procurement laws and certain highlights of these new regulations.

Newssquare How retailers can avoid fines from the Consumer Protection Authority

The National Authority for Consumer Protection ("ANPC") imposed sanctions during Q1 2016 upon clothing retailers in Romania, in the aftermath of various inspections targeting compliance with marketing, advertising and labelling regulations.

Newssquare Cancellation of registration of foreign investments in Ukraine

On 31 May 2016, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted amendments to several Ukrainian legislative acts resulting in cancellation of the registration of foreign investment (Draft Law No 2763). The requirement to register foreign investments had existed since 1996 and was a prerequisite for foreign investors to enjoy a number of privileges and protection under the Foreign Investments Act.

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