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Newssquare Gender Diversity - The Key to Success and Innovation

There are many factors which contribute to the success and performance of a company, and gender diversity is definitely one of them. The mix of both male and female talent, paired with different skillsets unlocks innovation. Therefore, companies need to find ways how to attract, motivate and empower such talent. As a panelist on the Darwin & Marie conference in Vienna, Counsel Dora Gaži Kovačević addressed this very topic. Watch our new video to learn about the approach we take at Wolf Theiss to make this a reality.

Newssquare 5 Trends to watch in Investment

Recently, the first event of our "The Future of..." series took place. The main focus was on new technologies in the area of investing and how the law reacts. 14 speakers explained in short presentations what the future of investing might look like, including what needs to be considered from a legal point of view.


What trends can we expect in the future? For the purpose of a snapshot video we asked the following five speakers this question: Wolfgang Zankl (Professor at the Institute for Civil Law at the University of Vienna), Berthold Baurek-Karlic (Managing Partner, Venionaire Capital), Matthias Schimka (Counsel, Wolf Theiss), Karl Binder (Partner, Wolf Theiss) and Christine Siegl...

Newssquare BREXIT - Quo vadis, EU?

What are the legal consequences for corporate units if the UK withdraws from the EU?


Following the kick-off event of our Wolf Theiss BREXIT Desk, Senior Associate Anton Fischer and Partner Christian Hoenig summarize some of the most important legal implications of BREXIT and provide you with future prospects for businesses as well as individuals from an EU/Austrian perspective in our new video "BREXIT – Quo vadis, EU?".

Newssquare Learnings from Silicon Valley: Individual & Human

LegalTech has become a buzz word for law firms these days, but is it "only" the technical skills that lawyers need to work on? In fact, the tech revolution teaches us that while machines are getting better and better, it is also on us humans to further develop our superpowers.


Andrea Gritsch, Partner at Wolf Theiss, and Andrea Miskolczi, Chief Innovation and Business Development Officer at Wolf Theiss, share their insights on this topic. Special thanks go to Alex Wright, Director Research Instagram, and Bruce Horn, Computer Scientist, for co-starring in our video and providing us with the Silicon Valley approach.

Newssquare The Future of Financial Services

Last week, the 7th Women Leadership Forum took place in Vienna and Andrea Gritsch, member of our Management Team, was among the speakers. She joined a panel discussion on "The financial sector in transition - who dominates the future?", stating that a prime success factor in the new era of open banking is maintaining direct customer contact and forming strategic partnerships within the financial ecosystem.

While it is still unclear whether and how open market models will replace the traditional way of doing business, there is no doubt that innovation, collaboration and diversity will be key in mastering the upcoming challenges. Watch our latest video "The Future of Financial Services" for...

Newssquare Yes, no, maybe – should the crypto space be regulated?

Recently, the ANON blockchain summit took place in Vienna. Niklas Schmidt, head of our firm-wide tax team and cryptocurrency expert, joined a panel on the role of regulation in the crypto space. How should the different types of crypto assets be treated from a regulatory perspective? And how should the fast-moving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains be regulated as such?

Newssquare Digitalisierung – Wie sieht die Zukunft der Rechtsbranche aus?

Wie wappnet sich die Rechtsbranche für die Digitalisierung? In Österreich sehen laut einer Umfrage 90 Prozent der Inhouse-Juristen die Digitalisierung als Chance und erhoffen sich davon konkrete Vorteile wie beispielsweise Zeitersparnis oder Qualitätssteigerung.


Wolf Theiss hat mit der neuen Collaboration-Plattform "Wolf Theiss Space" im Rahmen eines galaktischen Abends mit Managing Partner Claus Schneider und Gastredner Werner Gruber seine Lösung für die digitale rechtliche Zusammenarbeit präsentiert.

Newssquare Financial Industry goes Blockchain

Blockchain technology is no longer science fiction, it has become reality! Our Banking and Finance team partnered with Erste Group in developing the first paperless blockchain-only Schuldscheindarlehen (a debt instrument) issue in Europe! The benefits are obvious: thanks to digitization, issuance processes are now a lot faster and offer more transparency and certainty for all parties involved.


In our latest Snapshot, partner Claus Schneider takes a deeper look at this topic and explains why lawyers cannot afford to turn their backs on this development (and why they have to know their industry).


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