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Dispute Resolution Insider - Tenth Edition

Welcome to the 10th edition of the DRInsider, the quarterly Newsletter of the Wolf Theiss Dispute Resolution Group. We provide an overview of recent developments in CEE/SEE and some very interesting case law.

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The recent period has been marked with different procedural changes. Not only has the Polish Civil Procedure Code undergone amendments in almost all stages of proceedings, there have also been major revisions to the Arbitration Rules of the Vienna international Arbitral Centre (VIAC), the German Institute of Arbitration (DIS) and the Court of International Commercial Arbitration in Romania (CCIR).

With regard to EU law, we remind readers of the advantages of the European Account Preservation Order (EAPO), designed for creditors who hold money claims against a debtor in another member state, and which is done without the knowledge of the debtor.

The Croatian Constitutional Court went one step forward in its competences in accessing evidence and determining facts and ruled that it can do so in exceptional circumstances and in order to provide protection from arbitrary court decisions.

Last but certainly not least, find out more about the active repentance provision, which the Austrian Criminal Code offers as a second chance in certain cases of offences against property.

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