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The Energy and Natural Resources sector is characterised by a return of investment over long periods of time. Here, more than almost any other sector, you need a team who not only understands the regulations and their implementation, but also knows intimately the market drivers and its risks. Due to the direct industry background of our lawyers, many of whom have worked for major international energy companies, we understand the commercial drivers in the sector and can offer you not only technically excellent advice but also industry insight and recognition of business objectives.

We can advise you on all issues that may arise during the life cycle of large-scale energy or mining projects, including their development, financing, construction and operation as well as acquisitions and disposals. You can rely on our strategic advice for planning, development, financing and permitting matters, as well as M&A, corporate transactions and restructurings. We can also assist you in legislative, political and regulatory questions, as well as with tax issues. Let us help you manoeuvre through the labyrinth of regulations which are not always entirely clear in our developing markets. Quite often, we are pioneers in terms of getting projects through the regulatory process.

We aim to mitigate risk but sometimes disputes are unavoidable; we can support you in all administrative, litigation and arbitration proceedings including investment protection and disputes brought under the Energy Charter Treaty. Given the recent trend toward enhanced regulatory compliance, you can turn to us for advice and representation in handling difficult and sophisticated government investigations, as well as for assistance in developing compliance training programmes.

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Areas of Specialisation

Oil & Gas

You benefit from our lawyers' specialist knowledge and experience, gained through working on major and ground-breaking projects in the oil & gas sector. We can help you with:

  • fuel, gas, pipeline throughput, aviation, lubes and specialties;
  • bunkering;
  • concessions;
  • exploration, production and storage;
  • upstream, midstream and downstream;
  • offshore construction, permitting and development;
  • environmental law.

Renewable Energy

Whichever stage of your project, we can assist you with all issues from development and financing to construction and operation. Our guides on renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste to energy provide unique insight into the national legislations of the CEE/SEE region. We advise on a wide range of green energy projects, including:

  • photovoltaic;
  • wind;
  • hydroelectric;
  • geothermal;
  • biofuels;
  • biomass;
  • waste to energy;
  • energy efficiency;
  • transmission and smart grid;
  • carbon trading.

Nuclear Energy

With direct industry experience, we have the necessary skills and hands-on experience to know what you are up against in developing and running a nuclear power plant. Our lawyers have worked in-house at nuclear power plants, while others worked on large-scale project developments from ground-breaking through to completion. We can help you with the regulatory and transactional issues of existing facilities, as well as assist you on the application for, securing of, or challenges to the regulatory approvals and permits required for new operations in the nuclear energy sector, including

  • construction and operation of nuclear plants;
  • decommissioning of nuclear plants;
  • transportation and disposal of nuclear fuel.


Whichever part of the utilities sector you belong to, we offer legal expertise combined with industry-specific knowledge of electricity, gas, district heating, water, waste water and waste management. We can help you with:

  • power construction;
  • pricing and tariffs,
  • power supply and purchase agreements;
  • trading agreements and balancing groups;
  • licensing.


Mining and exploration laws have become increasingly complicated in recent years and cases often involve cross-border issues. Whether you are a mining company, exploration service company, drilling service company, investment house or an individual investor, you benefit from our experience of representing clients in numerous local and international mining and minerals projects throughout the CEE/SEE region. We can advise you on:

  • mining operations;
  • analysis of legislation concerning mining and exploration;
  • obtaining exploration licenses and mining concessions;
  • environmental issues;
  • funding mining ventures and projects.


Recent years have seen increasing economic regulatory requirements at European and local levels, in terms of both formal legal requirements and less formal "soft law". The states themselves (EU members or not) have enacted rigorous, complex regulations regarding procurement and the awarding of concessions or PPP contracts for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of power plants, as well as commodity trading, promoting renewable sources and energy efficiency. We can advise you on all permitting and licensing issues relating to the construction and operation of energy assets, including unbundling aspects and compliance with market rules. By maintaining excellent contacts with the relevant authorities and regulators, you benefit from our representation in all kinds of administrative proceedings. Our guide on electricity trading provides unique insight into the local licensing procedures in the CEE/SEE region. Learn more about our Regulatory & Administrative Law Practice.


Considering environmental issues at an early stage of planning is essential to save time, money and nerves. The provisions of environmental law play an important role in acquisitions, as well as in the planning, implementation, development and licensing of energy and other natural resource projects, and are crucial for their rapid and efficient implementation. A multitude of national and European laws and regulations makes it increasingly difficult to obtain a clear and comprehensive picture of the legal requirements. Through their years of experience in this field, our environmental law specialists are ideally equipped to filter out and handle the relevant issues for you. Learn more about our Regulatory & Administrative Law and our Environmental & Planning Law practices.

Press Releases

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss berät Europäische Investitionsbank und UniCredit Bank Austria bei der Finanzierung des Ausbaus eines der größten Windparks Österreichs

Wien, 31. August 2020 – Die EIB und die UniCredit Bank Austria haben bei dieser 107 Millionen Euro-Finanzierung auf die Expertise von Wolf Theiss...

Newssquare  Lack of regulation for energy storage harms the development of renewable energy sources in Poland

Warsaw, 29 June 2020 – The issue of energy storage has been discussed in Poland for several years. "The first experimental investments in this area...

Newssquare  Liberalization of the 10h rule as a chance to unblock onshore wind farm potential in Poland

Warsaw, 10 June 2020 – The RES industry is waiting for a change of the 10h rule, which requires wind farms to maintain a distance of not less than ten...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss expands in Warsaw, launching energy practice and strengthening M&A team

Warsaw, 2 December 2019 – Wolf Theiss took further steps to expand its presence in Poland, hiring Counsel Konrad Kosicki to start an energy practice...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Tirana advised the Italian SNAM S.p.a. in its new Joint Venture Agreement with the Albanian state-owned Gas Infrastructure Operator Albgaz sha

Tirana, June 2018 – Wolf Theiss Tirana acted as local counsel for the Italian SNAM S.p.a in its new joint venture agreement with the Albanian...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Advises TF Silesia on the Purchase of SEFAKO Stake

Warsaw, 21 March 2018 – Wolf Theiss has advised the Polish state-owned company Towarzystwo Finansowe "Silesia" sp. z o.o. on the acquisition of the...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Supports Young Lawyers’ Career Development

Warsaw, 14 March 2018 – Members of the Wolf Theiss Warsaw team attended the Law Career Fair (Prawnicze Targi Praktyk i Pracy) on March 13, presenting...

Newssquare  Umwelt- und Baurechtsexperte Stefan Lampert verstärkt Wolf Theiss im öffentlichen Wirtschaftsrecht

Wien, 23.2.2018 – Österreichs größte Anwaltssozietät Wolf Theiss baut das Beratungsangebot der Praxisgruppe Öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht weiter aus....


Bucharest, 11 December 2017 – Wolf Theiss welcomes back Flaviu Nanu as Counsel and adds Sebastian Boțic as Associate in the Firm's Real Estate, Energy...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss advises Total S.A. in sale of Atotech B.V.

Vienna, 14 October 2016 – Wolf Theiss is advising TOTAL S.A. in the sale of its specialty chemicals subsidiary Atotech B.V. TOTAL S.A. decided to...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss advises Allianz in its acquisition of a minority stake of Gas Connect Austria

Vienna, 23 September 2016 - OMV has signed an agreement selling a 49% minority stake of Gas Connect Austria (GCA) to a consortium of Allianz and Snam....

Newssquare  Groundbreaking changes in the national green energy regulation

Parliament may soon pass new laws for supporting renewable energy. The Government has published a draft legislative package aimed at transforming the...


Vienna, 13.01.2015 – At the end of December, Wolf Theiss successfully advised on the closing of the mutual separation of LUKERG Renew, a 50-50 joint...

Client Alerts / Newsletters


The National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska (RS) enacted the Law on Changes and Amendments to the Concession Law which entered into force on 24...


On 17 June 2020, the Hungarian Parliament reconfirmed in a new act the rules adopted by the Hungarian Government earlier in May 2020 which...


On 31 May 2020, a third legislative package to contain the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic ("Act") introduced a screening mechanism for foreign...


Poland – In connection with the spread of the COVID-19, further legislative steps were taken at the end of last week: over 60 Polish acts were amended...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Day 33-37 – 16th-21st April: Employment

For today's newsletter we shall analyze the measures adopted by the following:

• Press release issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Day 28-32 – 13th-15th April: Employment/Dispute resolution/Healthcare/Corporate/State-Aid

For today's newsletter we shall analyze the measures adopted by the following:

• Presidential Decree no. 240/2020 on extending the emergency status;...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Day 23-25 – 8th-10th April: State-Aid/Healthcare/Banking & Finance

For today's newsletter we shall analyze the measures adopted by the following:

• Military Ordinance no. 8/2020;

• Government Emergency Ordinance no....

Newssquare  State support measures available for companies in Romania in the context of Covid-19

First, the Romanian Government approved, via GEO 30/2020, a support scheme for technical unemployment (furlough). In an attempt to prevent dismissals...


Poland – The Polish parliament is proceeding with further amendments to the anti-crisis shield legislation ("Draft"), which will implement additional...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Day 22 – 7th April: State-Aid/Healthcare

For today's newsletter we shall analyze the measures adopted by the following:

• Military Ordinance no. 7 ("MO no. 7/2020");

• Government Emergency...


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency as of 11 March 2020 by Government Decree 40/2020 (III.11.). As...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Days 18 - 21 3rd – 6th April: Banking & Finance/Employment

European and national finance authorities are pushing for deadline extensions during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to help regulated entities. The...

Newssquare  COVID-19 und verwaltungsrechtliche Verfahren

Am 22.3.2020 ist das "2. COVID-19-Gesetz" in Kraft getreten. Als Sammelgesetz zur Änderung oder Neuerlassung einer Reihe von Gesetzen hat es vor allem...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Day 17 – 2nd April: Healthcare/Employment

The State measures aimed at limiting the effects of the pandemic continue with a relaxation of the regulatory authorization process of the medical...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Days 12-16 28th March – 1st April: Healthcare/Banking/Employment/Fiscal

As the emergency status continues in Romania a long list of measures have been taken in the last recent days. As such, the Government established a...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Day 10-11 – 26th-27th March: Healthcare/Banking and Finance/Dispute resolution/Competition

As the emergency status continues in Romania: (i) the Judges section of the Supreme Council of Magistrates ("CSM") has decided to step in to unify the...


Poland ▬ Due to the current national and global situation, the supply chain of components for renewable energy installations ("RES Installations") has...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates - Days 8-9 – 24-25 March: Social/Banking/Employment/Competition

We continue our COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates series and we follow up today with measures taken by the Government to limit the movement of people....

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates - Day 5-7

We continue our COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates series and we follow up today with measures taken by the Government as to boost the business...

Newssquare  COVID-19 und verwaltungsrechtliche Verfahren

Mit dem 23.3.2020 soll das "2. COVID-19-Gesetz" in Kraft treten, das Erleichterungen in einer Vielzahl von Rechtsgebieten bringen soll, in denen...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Legal update – Czech Republic

As of 12 March 2020, a state of national emergency has been declared in the Czech Republic by a decree of theCzech government (No. 69/2020 Coll.) for...


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency as of 11 March 2020. On 18 March 2020, the Hungarian...


As the next round of our regular coverage on the rapidly changing situation in Romania, we follow up today with updates on the new Military Ordinance...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates - Day 1&2

COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates is an initiative undertaken by the Bucharest Office of Wolf Theiss as to keep all clients, partners and the Romanian...

Newssquare  THE COVID-19 LAW - AUSTRIA

Austria has implemented a range of laws and regulations to address and mitigate the adverse consequences of Covid-19 (the "Covid-19 Law"). The...

Newssquare  Bulgarian Gas Market – Gas Release Program

Following the amendments to the Bulgarian Energy Act aiming to ensure completion of the gas market liberalization and enhance liquidity, on 15 October...

Newssquare  Romania Adopts The Single European Solution For Coupling Intraday Markets Together With Bulgaria, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland And Slovenia

Romania has adopted the single European solution for coupling intraday markets, along with regional neighbors Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary,...

Newssquare  Bulgarian Energy Law Amendments Introduce Domestic Natural Gas Exchange

In an important step towards further liberalization of its natural gas market, Bulgaria recently published important amendments to its Energy Act,...

Newssquare  Bulgaria: Further Liberalisation on the Electricity Market at Production Level (Update)

The Parliament adopted a new Bill amending the Energy Act introducing a number of measures to further integrate RES Generation into the liberalised...

Newssquare  Bulgaria - Further liberalisation of the electricity market at production level

New draft bill amending the Energy Act introduces a number of measures to further integrate RES Generation into the liberalised market and abolish...

Newssquare  New Legislation Affecting Companies That Extract Natural Gas From Romania's Offshore Blocks

On Monday, September 24, the Romanian Senate adopted the offshore law, which establishes the rules for companies that extract natural gas from...

Newssquare  Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority ("Anre") Has Set The Mandatory Quota For The Acquisition Of Green Certificates

Order no. 158/2018 on the establishment of the estimated mandatory quota for the acquisition of green certificates for the period August-December 2018...

Newssquare  Changes to the E-RES Promotion Act in Romania

The Romanian parliament has recently enacted law no. 184/2018 for the approval of emergency government ordinance no. 24/2017 ("geo no. 24/2017"),...

Newssquare  New Arbitration Regime In Hungary

Renewal of the Procedural Regime

The Hungarian civil procedural rules underwent a sweeping reform in 2017, affecting the entire dispute resolution...

Newssquare  Solar Boom in Hungary

Update on Hungary's solar boom – significant benefit to photovoltaic projects licensed under mandatory offtake system upon applications submitted...

Newssquare  RES/COGEN Producers forced to the free market - amendments to the Bulgarian Energy Act and the Renewables Act repeal the RES and CO-Generation Support Schemes

On 27 March 2018 the Bulgarian Parliament published a Bill for amendment and supplementation of the Energy Act ("EA") and the Act on Energy from...

Newssquare  Bulgaria – Competition Protection Commission Recommends Amendments of the Energy Act Concerning the Heating Sector

On 8 February 2018, the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission ("CPC") issued a Decision in a Competition Advocacy proceeding initiated in 2017...

Newssquare  BVergG 2018 passiert Ministerrat

Vom BVergG 2017 zum BVergG 2018


Da die bereits bekannte Regierungsvorlage zum BVergG 2017 in der abgelaufenen Legislaturperiode nicht mehr vom...

Newssquare  Romanian Law Implementing The GDPR Has Been Submitted To The Senate

On March 14, 2018 the Romanian law for implementing measures on EU Regulation no. 2016/679 on the protection of individual rights with regard to the...

Newssquare  Bulgaria - Energy Regulator's Decision Adverse to Wind Res Producers Repealed by Court

On February 23 2018, the Administrative Court–City of Sofia ("ACCS") rendered a Judgment repealing two chapters of Decision P-1/31.07.2015 ("Decision...

Newssquare  Bulgaria – Amendments To The Energy Act In Relation To REMIT To Be Reviewed By The Competition Protection Commission

On 07 February 2018, the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission ("CPC") initiated Competition Advocacy proceedings in relation to the recently...

Newssquare  Bulgarian Competition Watchdog Launches a Sector Inquiry into Electricity Markets

On 22 January 2018 the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission ("CPC") announced that it opened a sector inquiry into the electricity markets in...

Wolf Theiss Guides

Newssquare  THE WOLF THEISS GUIDE TO: Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss is pleased to publish this redesigned, eighth (8th) edition of The Wolf Theiss Guide to: Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in...

Newssquare  M&A Spotlight: CEE / Wolf Theiss Corporate Monitor FY 2018

150 senior-level executives were asked to share their experiences and outlook on M&A in the CEE/SEE region and their expectations for the future....

Newssquare  The Wolf Theiss Guide To: Licensing of Electricity and Gas Wholesale Activities in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss is pleased to publish the second edition (2018) of "The Wolf Theiss Guide To: Licensing of Electricity and Gas Wholesale Activities in...

Newssquare  Energy Efficiency in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss is pleased to publish the first edition (2017) of "The Wolf Theiss Guide to: Energy Efficiency in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe"...

Newssquare  Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss is proud to announce the release of the seventh edition of its flagship publication "The Wolf Theiss Guide to Generating Electricity from...

Newssquare  Waste to Energy in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss is pleased to publish the first edition (2016) of "The Wolf Theiss Waste to Energy Guide in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe" (the...

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