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In today’s global marketplace, a multijurisdictional approach to compliance is essential. Combining expertise from different areas such as corporate law, regulatory, competition or procurement law as well as sector-specific knowledge, we can advise you throughout the CEE/SEE region on the ever shifting regulatory frameworks that directly affect your daily work and long-term success. Our excellent regional contacts allow us to couple legal expertise with a practical touch creating solutions that work for you in the real world.

Regulations have increased, and so have the costs of non-compliance. When the government arrives at the door, you need a legal team that can quickly coordinate cross-border internal investigations to determine the scope of the problem and which swiftly mobilises to protect you and your business. Our team not only assists you during investigations, but can also guide you through establishing corporate compliance programmes that address your greatest compliance risks; mitigating problems before you face a potential investigation.


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Areas of Specialisation

Business Crime Prevention

Criminal authorities increasingly look at existing compliance standards when exercising their discretionary powers to prosecute companies and scrutinise how companies react to criminal incidents going forward. You can rely on us to develop, monitor and enforce your corporate compliance programme, including setting up e-learning programmes, as well as drafting and reviewing compliance documents, such as codes of ethics, anti-corruption guidelines and anti-money laundering guidelines, or rules for internal whistleblowing procedures. Learn more about our White Collar Crime practice.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Compliance is hard enough as it is without accounting for the complications of different jurisdictions. We have the competence you need to help you in implementing corporate governance regimes and compliance programmes across borders and jurisdictions, and can also provide Governance, Risk & Compliance trainings for management boards and senior executives. Listed companies, privately held groups, private equity fund managers and start-ups are just some of the kinds of entities we have helped guide through the compliance thicket. Learn more about our Corporate, Commercial & M&A practice.

GDPR Compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was the most important reform of European data privacy laws for 20 years. We can help you to identify the gaps in your organisation and suggest the best options to close them; helping your firm stay or become GDPR compliant. An efficient way to ensure compliance with data protection regulations, including the GDPR, and to build customer trust through transparency is to have your IT-products or IT-based services certified through the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe). Our admitted legal and technical experts can conduct the necessary evaluation for your certificate. Learn more about our Data Protection & Cybersecurity practice.

Sector specific Compliance

Knowing the ins and outs of all regulatory requirements under national and EU law isn't easy. We can advise you on the production and distribution of regulated products under national and EU law, including on advertising and data protection, and help ensure that your business is compliant in all ways. You benefit from our experience in developing and implementing customized compliance training programmes at all company levels in line with sector-specific regulatory requirements and industry standards; meaning that you are best prepared to manage future risk. Learn more about our Regulatory & Administrative Law practice.

Competition Compliance

You can trust us to develop, implement and monitor tailor-made competition compliance programmes; to conduct audits to identify and minimise legal risk early on; to prepare clear guidelines and training programmes on achieving competition compliance and the proper response to dawn raids and other investigations by the authorities. Learn more about our Competition & Antitrust practice.

Public Procurement Compliance

Whether you are a public contracting authority or a private enterprise, we can support you in implementing Compliance Management Systems and in planning and implementing self-cleaning measures so that you can be re-admitted to public tenders. Learn more about our Public Procurement practice.

Press Releases

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Partner Jitka Logesová appointed as Co-chair of the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee

Prague – 11 February 2019 – Jitka Logesová, the Managing Partner of Wolf Theiss Prague, has been officially appointed as a Co-Chair of the IBA...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss advises Companies on Employee Retention as Polish Labor Market tightens

Warsaw, 4 February 2019 – Polish employers are under increasing pressure to apply a wide range of solutions to retain top talent, as the country’s...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Warsaw Conference Discusses Management Liability in M&A Transactions

Warsaw, 28.03.2018 – Increased volatility on financial markets is putting pressure on company management teams when setting valuations in M&A...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Supports Young Lawyers’ Career Development

Warsaw, 14 March 2018 – Members of the Wolf Theiss Warsaw team attended the Law Career Fair (Prawnicze Targi Praktyk i Pracy) on March 13, presenting...

Newssquare  Bitpanda Setzt Bei Pantos ICO Auf Wolf Theiss

Wien, 12. März 2018 – Bitpanda bringt sein neues Open-Source Forschungsprojekt Pantos mittels Initial Coin Offering (ICO) auf den Markt. Wolf Theiss...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Forum Sees Polish Proptech Growth Accelerating

Warsaw, 09 March 2018 – Polish companies providing digital technology for the real estate industry are set for rapid growth, as they benefit from...

Newssquare  Angelika Hellweger named Counsel at Wolf Theiss

Vienna, 26 September 2016 – Angelika Hellweger (32), a member of the Practice Group Dispute Resolution at Wolf Theiss since 2010, has been named...

Newssquare  Internal Whistleblowing System: Andritz relies on whistleblowing software from Wolf Theiss IT subsidiary

RBS Responsible Business Solutions GmbH, the IT consulting subsidiary of Wolf Theiss, is pleased to announce that international company ANDRITZ has...


Wien, 16.3.2016 - RBS Responsible Business Solutions GmbH, die IT-Consulting Tochter von Wolf Theiss, startet ihr neu entwickeltes Hinweisgebersystem...

Client Alerts / Newsletters

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Day 17 – 2nd April: Healthcare/Employment

The State measures aimed at limiting the effects of the pandemic continue with a relaxation of the regulatory authorization process of the medical...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Days 12-16 28th March – 1st April: Healthcare/Banking/Employment/Fiscal

As the emergency status continues in Romania a long list of measures have been taken in the last recent days. As such, the Government established a...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates – Day 10-11 – 26th-27th March: Healthcare/Banking and Finance/Dispute resolution/Competition

As the emergency status continues in Romania: (i) the Judges section of the Supreme Council of Magistrates ("CSM") has decided to step in to unify the...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Romanian Legal Updates - Days 8-9 – 24-25 March: Social/Banking/Employment/Competition

We continue our COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates series and we follow up today with measures taken by the Government to limit the movement of people....

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates - Day 5-7

We continue our COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates series and we follow up today with measures taken by the Government as to boost the business...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Legal update – Czech Republic

As of 12 March 2020, a state of national emergency has been declared in the Czech Republic by a decree of theCzech government (No. 69/2020 Coll.) for...


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency as of 11 March 2020. On 18 March 2020, the Hungarian...


As the next round of our regular coverage on the rapidly changing situation in Romania, we follow up today with updates on the new Military Ordinance...

Newssquare  COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates - Day 1&2

COVID-19 Logbook: Legal Updates is an initiative undertaken by the Bucharest Office of Wolf Theiss as to keep all clients, partners and the Romanian...

Newssquare  THE COVID-19 LAW - AUSTRIA

Austria has implemented a range of laws and regulations to address and mitigate the adverse consequences of Covid-19 (the "Covid-19 Law"). The...

Newssquare  Bulgaria: Fines in Millions for Personal Data Breaches

On 29 August 2019 the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection ("CPDP") announced first significant fines under the GDPR (Regulation (EU)...

Newssquare  Poland: Launch of the Ultimate Beneficiary Owner Register as of 13 October

The Polish Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act dated 1 March 2018 ("AML Act") introduced the Central Ultimate Beneficial Owner...

Newssquare  Changes to the Bulgarian Transfer Pricing Documentation Rules

Amendments to the Bulgarian tax law addressing the introduction of mandatory transfer pricing documentation for transactions with related parties have...

Newssquare  Serbia: Companies to register UBOs by 31 January

On 31 December 2018, the Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners ("Central Register") has been established with the Serbian Business Register...

Newssquare  AML in Bulgaria: New Deadlines

On 8th of January 2019 the Rules for Implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (in Bulgarian: Правилник за прилагане на Закона за мерките срещу...

Newssquare  Upcoming Changes to Employment Documentation

The Polish Parliament has adopted an act that became effective 1 January 2019 and shortens the retention period of human resource files and allows...

Newssquare  Austrian DPA Issues Blacklist

Regulation on Processing Operations for which a Data Protection Impact Assessment must be carried out


On November 9th 2018, the Austrian Data...

Newssquare  Update zum WiEReG

Die gesetzliche Frist für die erstmalige Meldung zum Wirtschaftliche Eigentümer Register ist am 1.6.2018 abgelaufen. Mit Informationsschreiben vom...

Newssquare  Serbia: Register Of Ultimate Beneficial Owners

On 25 May 2018 the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia adopted the anticipated Law on the Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (the "Law")....

Newssquare  Latest Amendment to the National Court Register Act

The latest amendment to the National Court Register Act ("Act") introduces many changes that will significantly affect its functioning and obligations...

Newssquare  Criminal Liability Of Companies Under Romanian Legislation

1. General Criminal Liability Of The Companies Under Romanian Legislation


General Conditions of Criminal Liability of Companies

All legal persons...

Newssquare  The Impact of the New Tax Evasion Regulations on Escrow Agreements

To counteract tax evasion, Polish authorities have recently introduced legislation (the Act) and digital systems allowing tax authorities to analyze...

Newssquare  New EU Regulation - the End of Geo-blocking when Shopping Online

A new EU Regulation, which will take effect on 3 December 2018, provides for borderless online shopping.(1) Traders are obliged to treat online...

Newssquare  BVergG 2018 passiert Ministerrat

Vom BVergG 2017 zum BVergG 2018


Da die bereits bekannte Regierungsvorlage zum BVergG 2017 in der abgelaufenen Legislaturperiode nicht mehr vom...

Newssquare  Romanian Law Implementing The GDPR Has Been Submitted To The Senate

On March 14, 2018 the Romanian law for implementing measures on EU Regulation no. 2016/679 on the protection of individual rights with regard to the...

Newssquare  Trading Bitcoins Subject To Taxation In Poland

On 6 March 2018, the Administrative Supreme Court (NSA) issued the first ruling concerning taxation of income made from trading bitcoins by...

Newssquare  Bulgaria Joins The EU 'AMLD IV Implementation' Club

Yesterday, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted the Anti-Money Laundering Act (in Bulgarian: Закон за мерките срещу изпирането на пари). The Act...

Newssquare  Bulgaria: Private Damages Directive Implemented

On 3 January 2018, a new Law for Amendment and Supplementation ("New Law") of the Competition Protection Act ("CPA") was published in the Bulgarian...

Newssquare  The Polish Personal Data Protection Act Is Closer To Completion

On Monday, January 15th, 2018, in the Column Hall of the Polish Parliament, the Ministry of Digitalization organized a meeting to summarize the public...

Newssquare  Only Few Days Left to Register your UBO in Slovenia: Are You Exempted or Not?

The application for registrations of beneficial owners is now operational. Deadline to register beneficial owners is 19 January 2018.

Newssquare  VERGABERECHT - Neue Schwellenwerte ab 1.1.2018

Ab dem 1.1.2018 treten für Vergabeverfahren neue Schwellenwerte in Kraft. Diese wurden nun am 19.12.2017 im Amtsblatt der Europäischen Union (L 337)...

Newssquare  The Romanian Competition Council Releases Its Compliance Guide

In what is a significant step in the promotion of competition law compliance, the Romanian Competition Council ("RCC") released its Compliance Guide...

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Newssquare  GDPR one year later

One year has passed since the most important reform of European data protection laws in the last 25 years was implemented.


The EU 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 4) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 5 July 2015 and should have been...

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