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Why join us

No academic titles

We do not need academic titles to emphasize our expertise. Rather, we adapt to the corporate culture of our international clients and focus on their needs.

Content above dress code

What you achieve and how you strive to reach your targets is what counts. We do not need a dress code to maintain a confident and professional demeanor.

Joint celebrations

Our regular corporate events are legendary. They provide a great opportunity to team up with your colleagues or meet new ones. We like to alternate themes and locations a lot.

Healthcare service

In-house medical checks are provided on a regular basis for all employees. Our corporate benefits cover diverse gifts, goodies and body & soul services.

Strategic outlook

Being a top-tier law firm requires committed leadership. Our management board continuously deals with internal and external matters to guide the firm in the right direction.


We are made up of very different cultures. Some teams are more casual than others. Some work more in English than others. Let us know who you are to find out which team best fits your qualifications.

Our diversity is our asset

50 % of our lawyers are women. We speak over 25 languages and come from over 30 countries. We do not need quotas to know the advantages of heterogeneity.

Entrepreneurship wanted

Innovative ideas and an out-of-the-box approach are appreciated. We are happy to strategically discuss new or more effective ways to develop our business.

Late night dinner

We take care of your supper. Ordering, payment and delivery included.

Flat hierarchies

We do not believe in rigid structures and bureaucracy. Our collaboration is shaped by our international work and even functions across teams and practice groups.


English is our official company language. However, each office also uses its local language every day. Our team members speak a total of 30 different languages.

Less theory, more practice

They say that practice makes perfect. We may not be perfect yet, but we think the hands-on training provided is helping us move in the right direction.


We trust your own assessment of how to manage your work load. Instead of core working hours, you are expected to meet the deadlines. Leaving the lights on is not popular.

Peer-group exchange

Where else than in a big law firm would you find so many experts exchanging ideas? Our size is not only an advantage for our clients, but also for our own specialists.

High quality standards

Our clients expect excellent work products. We equip our employees with the best education, but also expect a high level of commitment, loyalty and motivation.

Non-legal support

Our assistants and support professionals actively work towards supporting our lawyers in non-legal matters, from IT to marketing, human resources, finance, library etc.

International atmosphere

Over 80% of our work involves cross-border representation of international clients. Our network of offices allows us to work closely with our clients and create opportunities.

One-stop shop

When specialist advice is needed, the members of all our practice groups work together to find solutions across multiple practice areas and multiple jurisdictions.

Maternity leave

Our special programs for women take into account individual needs regarding flexibility of working time.

Team players needed

Working in small teams often feels like being part of a small law firm that is integrated into a big one. We need pro-active and supportive employees who enjoy cooperating.

Dynamism at its best

Global economy means delivering quality and being faster than competitors. Our customers often operate on tight deadlines. We are able to provide quick customized support when needed.

100% involvement

We like to involve our junior lawyers in client processes at an early stage to increase awareness and understanding of the economic efficiency of our business.

CEE/SEE region

We have concentrated our energies on a unique part of the world. International clients doing business in the region value our regional expertise, experience and network.

We invest in your development

The process of sharing experience and passing on knowledge to younger lawyers is a key priority for the firm.

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