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School of Excellence

Every lawyer at Wolf Theiss receives an individual training plan as part of our School of Excellence, which ensures the development of a comprehensive skill-set in legal and business know-how. This covers not just technical training, but also communication and leadership skills - all the things that give you that extra edge. Offering internal legal training to our lawyers is essential to being able to deliver high quality legal services to our clients.

We at Wolf Theiss want to offer outstanding services. As a result, we invest substantial amounts of time and money to further the improvement of our in-house legal training program. We have developed a system that will help you to become a region-wide specialist in your field.

The focus of our School of Excellence is not only on legal expertise, but also on the teaching of industry-specific knowledge and entrepreneurship principles. In other words, we aim to develop business-minded lawyers with an entrepreneurial attitude, who understand their clients' business needs. We are proud of this very special asset which sets Wolf Theiss further apart from its competitors, while also being recognized throughout the business community.

Business School

Our Business School enables you to understand the most important issues surrounding law firm management, business development and the industries in which our most important clients operate. We aim to help you become lawyer with an entrepreneurial attitude and an understanding of your clients' need – from their perspective.


In Vienna, the Bar Exam par Excellence training serves to assist Associates in preparing for the most important topics of the bar exam. Regular workshops (e.g. on civil and criminal procedure law and on procedural costs) support the learning process. Additionally, Associates are invited to work on actual proceedings on a voluntary basis to practice their skills for the exam.

Legal Schools

Our Legal Schools are formalized training paths that all young lawyers in certain practice areas are required to pursue, enabling them to understand the most important legal issues, transaction structures and products in a specific legal field.


Legal Schools are held for the practice groups Banking & Finance, Corporate / M&A, Dispute Resolution, and Real Estate & Construction. Additionally, there are special trainings and workshops for the other practice areas.

Step up Equal Opportunities

Ensuring equal opportunities for women. Supporting them as their careers develop. Making work and family compatible.


These are just three of the challenges the project Step Up Equal Opportunities was created to confront. Among other concrete steps that Wolf Theiss is taking to implement these goals is a guarantee to provide all leading female lawyers with the greatest possible amount of flexibility in organising their time and revenue targets.


One part of the project is Step Up Next Generation, a two-part programme that accompanies young lawyers as they establish themselves in the firm and begin their own climb to the Partnership.

The first part, be.inspired talks, brings different personalities from the legal and non-legal profession together to share their personal experience and views.
The second part, be.concrete, consists of workshops in which senior lawyers receive support in building relationships, positioning themselves in the profession and building their own brand.

Evaluation & Feedback

Constant feedback and performance appraisals are integral aspects of a career at Wolf Theiss. All lawyers, including Partners, are evaluated on an annual basis. The process for evaluating one’s achievement in the previous year, as well as for setting individual targets for the upcoming year, is scheduled on a firm-wide basis.

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