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Career Path

We support our lawyers in their professional development at all stages by providing a career path made up of clear and transparent steps comparable to those offered by global law firms.

It is all about performance – not years. The Wolf Theiss career path is based on performance and qualifications rather than on ”time served” as a lawyer, either with us or elsewhere.

We are a regional firm. Our career path and all our policies and procedures are not only consistent with leading law firms throughout the world, but apply to all of our offices and lawyers across the region.

Legal Intern

Our legal internship programme is all about putting theory into practice. For four weeks you will work as an active member of the team on big international cases - even accompanying us to client meetings and negotiations. We think this is a lot more useful than working on case studies or shuffling papers around. It is also a chance for you to find out if you are made for a career as a lawyer and if the place is right for you. In order to accompany this decision process your internship will include comprehensive assessment and feedback sessions with HR and with your personal mentor. Furthermore, your personal and professional development will be supported by our corporate training programme.

So what is essential for us? The internship is designed for senior students and graduates of Austrian law. In other words: You should have passed at least the civil law and corporate law exams. Apart from that, we are looking for highly motivated candidates with first work experience, an international orientation and a very good command of English. By the way, we do not consider your academic performance as the most important criterion, but we expect above-average academic success. Your extracurricular activities, such as active involvement in student organizations or participation in moot courts, are reviewed too.

Every year, our Vienna office recruits up to 40 ambitious and talented students and graduates who are striving to experience working in a leading international law firm for four weeks in February, July, August or September (full-time).


>> Legal Internships FAQs in German

>> Legal Internships Brochure

>> Legal Internships Fact Sheet Vienna

Legal Winter Internships in February 2018
Application period October-November 2017

Application deadline: 19 Nov 2017

Assessment center: December 2017


Legal Summer Internships in July, August or September 2018
Application period November 2017 - February 2018

Application deadline: 18 Feb 2018

Assessment center: March 2018


Lisa Toth

Please understand that we cannot accept applications via email or outside the given application periods. 


Please upload your application online (CV, motivation letter in English, academic transcripts). The best candidates will be invited to an assessment center (takes place in December/March each year).

CEE/SEE Offices
Some of our offices in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe offer internships on similar terms. Please contact our local office managers directly for further information.

Legal Trainee

As a Legal Trainee, you can work part-time (10-30 hours per week) before earning a university degree or being registered with the local bar. We offer this position mainly to advanced students interested in staying with us as an Associate once they have graduated from law school.

You are fully involved in the day-to-day work of your legal team. You work on ongoing cases for our lawyers, will be exposed to interesting work and make a significant contribution to our daily business. We want to make sure you know what it means to become a lawyer in our firm, long before you actually do so.


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As an Associate you are a law school graduate in the first stage of your professional development. In most countries you are, at least initially, registered with the local bar as an apprentice to becoming an attorney. You are assigned to a mentor partner and his or her team and start to develop your legal skills. You work in teams with other lawyers and receive instructions, feedback as well as on-the-job training from senior lawyers. This gives you the chance to learn from different senior lawyers and to gain exposure to various matters at an early stage in your career.

As you become more experienced, you will start to specialize more and more in at least one field of law or practice (group) so that clients obtain the most useful advice possible as you become an expert in your particular field. As an Associate, you learn how teams form and integrate for various projects, how to use your time efficiently and how to deal with clients' requests in the best possible manner.

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Senior Associate

As a Senior Associate, you are a registered attorney-at-law with adequate years of relevant experience as an Associate or a comparable professional. You have substantial responsibility for the files assigned to you and you have successfully completed all required Wolf Theiss School of Excellence training modules. This step is designed to reward the valuable contribution you can make to our firm’s clients in the long term.

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As a Consultant, you are a registered attorney-at-law with special skills valuable to the firm and with individual targets. This position also allows you to serve as a part-time practitioner who works in association with the firm and brings in legal know-how. This means that you can focus the remainder of your energy on personal projects, such as family, university or business-related projects.

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As a Counsel you excel as a registered attorney-at-law and have – formally or informally – teamed up with younger lawyers with whom you work regularly. You have a proven track record as a Senior Associate, supervise and oversee the development of junior lawyers and are a positive firm-wide role model. We offer this position to high-performers who are on partner track.

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As a Partner, you have already built a sustainable client base and can assume full responsibility for both a team of lawyers and projects without the need for regular supervision of the team's work product and economic success. Your character, integrity and behaviour make you a positive role model within the firm.

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