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Wolf Theiss signed Belt & Road Declaration on further Cooperation with Chinese Think Tank BNRSC (the Belt & Road Service Connection)

Vienna/Beijing, April 30, 2019 - Wolf Theiss signed the Beijing Declaration on further cooperation with Chinese Think Tank BNRSC, supporting Chinese Investments in Austria and its CEE/SEE neighbors.

Christian Mikosch, Partner of Wolf Theiss and head of the Wolf Theiss China Desk, and Jiayan Zhu, Senior Associate Wolf Theiss, participated in the signing of the Beijing Protocol of the BNRSC in Beijing. Wang Li, chairwoman of BNRSC and the Chinese law firm deHeng along with various other participants from countries along the Belt & Road joined the meeting.

This is a salient event in the relationship between China, Austria and the CEE/SEE Region. Wolf Theiss as one of the largest regional service providers is actively coordinating Chinese Investments along the Belt & Road from Poland to Ukraine to Albania.

“Think tanks like the BNRSC are significant forces for Belt and Road construction”, comments Christian Mikosch. “These kinds of initiatives are not only politically driven but require international legal and financial professionals who do ground work to push Belt and Road projects forward”.

Christian Mikosch points to the considerable expertise Wolf Theiss has gained advising Chinese investors. Among the recent highlights is the establishment of several R&D headquarters of Chinese automotive players in Austria, the acquisition of Gorenije by Hisense Group and advising CRRC on its investments in the Czech railways industry. With its excellent network of contacts in China, Wolf Theiss can cater to private Chinese investors as well as large Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

The BNRSC is an international service resource integration platform of international and domestic consulting, legal, accounting, financial and technological professionals, chambers of commerce and governmental agencies. It focuses on advantageous resources and assist enterprises of China and countries along the Belt & Road” economic zone in evaluating investment environment and providing professional systematic services.

The Belt & Road declaration which was signed on April 25 describes the cooperation principles regarding infrastructure investment and dispute settlements.


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