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Dispute Resolution Insider - Ninth Edition

Welcome to the 2nd Anniversary Edition of the DRInsider; the quarterly Newsletter of the Wolf Theiss Dispute Resolution Practice Group:

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We are happy to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the DRInsider and to continue to provide our readers with regular updates on recent developments in the various jurisdictions of WOLF THEISS.

The Croatian courts continue to provide us with new interesting decisions in the ongoing dispute between consumers and banks with respect to the fairness and validity of CHF denominated consumer loans. As already reported in the 6th edition of the DRInsider, due to unsatisfactory reasoning, the Constitutional Court repealed the Supreme Court's prior decision with respect to certain issues.

As regular readers may have noticed, we have once again addressed the far-reaching and controversial  changes under Romanian criminal law.

Please also note that during its annual users' conference on 5 – 6 December, FIDIC launched revised versions of its internationally recognized Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book, replacing the renowned 1999 FIDIC Suite of Contracts.

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