Wolf Theiss


At Wolf Theiss we strongly believe that a company that employs a diverse workforce is better able to understand the demographics of the global marketplace it serves and can offer a variety of  perspectives; thereby helping clients to thrive in that marketplace. We have adopted a mandate for diversity where we strive to be a well-integrated firm which is a leader in the business community and profession.

Roughly half of our lawyers are women and we continue to take measures that enhance the number of female lawyers on every level within the firm. Through our "Step Up Equal Opportunities" initiative, we help to promote career development and work-life balance. As part of this initiative, we are the only Austrian law firm participating in the "WoMentoring" project. Our continuous support of women in the legal profession has earned us the "European Women in Business Law Award" multiple times in several countries.      

With 13 offices across the CEE/SEE region, we have a highly diverse cultural footprint. Currently, our workforce comprises more than 25 different nationalities. Although English is used as the official language of Wolf Theiss, the firm members speak more than 30 different languages. Working in diverse teams across the region creates a unique workplace camaraderie that spills over into our daily lives.

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