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Considering environmental issues at an early stage of transaction planning is essential to save time, money and nerves. The provisions of environmental law play an increasingly important role in corporate acquisitions, as well as in the planning and implementation of energy and infrastructure projects, project development and commercial and industrial plant permitting, and are crucial for the rapid and efficient implementation of projects. The multitude of national and European laws as well as the many regulations contained in various different laws makes it increasingly difficult to obtain a clear and comprehensive picture of the legal requirements. Through their years of experience in this field, our environmental law specialists are ideally equipped to filter out and handle the relevant questions; leading your project to success.


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Stefan Lampert
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Areas of Specialisation

Our services include:

Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • EIA determination and complaint procedures

Business Plant Law

  • Procedures for obtaining general and special plant permits
  • "Blocking procedures" in connection with plant permits
  • Procedures to determine health risks in connection with plant permits

Zoning Law

  • Achieving or preventing decisions under zoning law
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)
  • SEA determination procedures
  • Advising on “encroaching residential areas” and on nature conservation interests as part of the zoning process

Water Law

  • Flood protection and hydropower projects
  • Subsidies for flood protection, hydropower and infrastructure projects

Nature Conservation

  • Nature Impact Assessments (NIA)
  • NIA determination and complaint procedures (also involving the EU Commission)
  • Defining projects as "within or outside local areas"
  • Assessing projects in accordance with nature conservation law

Construction Law

  • Construction procedures; especially in connection with EIA or plant permit procedures
  • Structuring procedures, e.g., with respect to the legal implications of monument conservation

Waste Law

  • Plant permits and approval procedures for waste plants
  • Issues regarding the remediation of contaminated sites

Forestry Law

  • Procedures for achieving clearing permits
  • Presentation of public interests

Expropriation Proceedings

  • Expropriation proceedings and reassessment procedures
  • Property evaluation

Monument Conservation

  • Exemption procedures
  • Preventing legal protection

Highways and Roads Regulations

Railway Construction Law

Aviation Infrastructure Law

Energy & High Voltage Transmission Law

Press Releases

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Wien, 23.2.2018 – Österreichs größte Anwaltssozietät Wolf Theiss baut das Beratungsangebot der Praxisgruppe Öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht weiter aus....


Vienna, 4 April 2017 – McArthurGlen, leading developer, owner and operator of designer outlet centres in Europe and Canada, has placed its trust in...

Client Alerts / Newsletters

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As of 12 March 2020, a state of national emergency has been declared in the Czech Republic by a decree of theCzech government (No. 69/2020 Coll.) for...


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