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Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Having the right structures in place to protect these key relationships can prevent problems before they arise and secure the long-term future of your business.

Employment law changes quickly and countries respond in different ways. We can assess what is most valuable to you, and you can count on us for straightforward advice rather than having to wade through pages of arguments pro and con. If you have an international business, or one with international ambitions, our 13 full-service offices have the flexible approach you need. We can advise you on international employment projects with the collaboration, when necessary, of our experts in corporate, dispute resolution, regulatory and tax law.

We're equipped to help you navigate the whole gamut of employment law – whatever the issues you're confronted with. From day-to-day employment management to litigation, from remuneration to restructuring, you can rely on our services, which are customised to best help you meet your long-term business goals. Not only can we do all this, we can do it wherever you need it, cross-border and on time.

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Areas of Specialisation

Contractual Agreements & Policies, Agreements with Executives

From employment contracts to executive agreements, dismissal procedures to relocation agreements, our team works with you to customise the contracts most appropriate to the business relationship and most advantageous to you. Whether you need advice on senior appointments (in-country and cross-border), on drafting and reviewing employee contracts to comply with local government requirements, or on evaluating contracts in restructuring situations, you can rely on our team's expertise. We share your business goals and work to help you meet them efficiently.

Employment Litigation and Administrative Proceedings

Fewer things in employment law are trickier than litigation and conciliation. We have experience in this specialised area and know how to quantify legal complexity as a risk assessment – in plain language – that you can understand and act upon. We constantly monitor newly implemented or upcoming changes to legislation throughout the CEE/SEE region so we can provide your business with the best strategic advice when drafting legal documents or preparing for negotiations with works councils and trade unions. Our team's frequent academic engagement with the law means that we stay at the cutting edge of developments in our field, an advantage we use to protect your business and help you plan.

Pensions and Benefits

We can help you reorganise your pension and benefit structure while maintaining your corporate structure. We know the ins and outs of stock option plans, pension fund agreements, and fringe benefits, and can help you create multi-jurisdictional stock option programmes for senior managers, appoint employees as board members in regional subsidiaries, and implement long-term incentive plans in CEE/SEE subsidiaries. We also leverage the other areas of expertise at Wolf Theiss to help you meet your goals; our Tax experts, for example, can advise you on the tax aspects of employee stock ownership, deferred compensation plans and other tax optimisation strategies.

Restructurings and Outsourcing

When you decide to implement changes that can result in outsourcing, off-shoring, restructuring, downsizing or merging, we will make sure that your business needs are protected during what can be a period of uncertainty for you and your business. We understand the complexities involved and help you make strategic decisions that protect your interests in the long run. We will use our position in 13 different countries in CEE/SEE to share local market knowledge to position you optimally in your business sector.

Implementation of Organisational Changes

The breadth of our reach across the region makes it easier for us to provide you with added value whenever you look to implement organisational changes. We are always thinking across borders, which means that we can help you implement part-time work models, remuneration structures and overtime models in several countries simultaneously. Our team is structured for efficiency: for us, collaboration between our experts in corporate, dispute resolution, regulatory and tax law is the rule, not the exception.

Day-to-day Employment Management

We’re there for you, even for the less glamorous but no less important tasks of day-to-day employment matters. If you need advice – or even direct representation – in dealing with collective labour laws, working hours, or social security, we will assist you in managing your daily business. We use the built-in cross-practice network of Wolf Theiss to combine our expertise and to provide advice on employment matters that apply to all industries and sectors. For example, we ensure that employment matters are fully compliant with data protection or privacy laws, and bank regulations. We will work to keep you abreast of changes in the constantly shifting landscape of pension and other employment-related legislation, wherever and whatever your business.

Press Releases

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss advises Blackstone on the Acquisition of €1.64 billion CRH European Distribution Unit

Vienna, 18 July 2019 – Wolf Theiss advised the US multinational investment firm Blackstone on the acquisition of a €1.64 billion European Distribution...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss supports Duravant, a Portfolio Company of Warburg Pincus, in the Acquisition of Motion06

Vienna, June 6 2019 – Duravant, a global manufacturer of food processing machines, material handling equipment and packaging machines and a portfolio...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss advises Takeda Group with its Acquisition of Plasmapunkt Favoriten and Donaustadt

Vienna, 16 April 2019 – Wolf Theiss has advised the Takeda Group with its acquisition of the plasma donation center Plasmapunkt Favoriten and...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss advises Young Lawyers on Career Development

Warsaw, 13 March 2019 – The Wolf Theiss Warsaw team took part in the Law Career Fair at Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Warszawie on March 12, presenting...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss advises Companies on Employee Retention as Polish Labor Market tightens

Warsaw, 4 February 2019 – Polish employers are under increasing pressure to apply a wide range of solutions to retain top talent, as the country’s...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss berät Venture Capital Investor TCV beim Einstieg in Tourradar

Wien, 7. August 2018 – Der internationale Tech-Investor TCV setzt beim Einstieg in das in Wien ansässige Start-up Tourradar auf die Expertise von Wolf...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss berät Borealis bei der Akquisition von Ecoplast

Wien, 20. Juli 2018 – Wolf Theiss hat Borealis, einen führenden Anbieter innovativer Lösungen in den Bereichen Polyolefine, Basischemikalien und...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Supports Young Lawyers’ Career Development

Warsaw, 14 March 2018 – Members of the Wolf Theiss Warsaw team attended the Law Career Fair (Prawnicze Targi Praktyk i Pracy) on March 13, presenting...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Forum Sees Polish Proptech Growth Accelerating

Warsaw, 09 March 2018 – Polish companies providing digital technology for the real estate industry are set for rapid growth, as they benefit from...

Newssquare  Französischer Arbeitsrechtsexperte Matthias Rubner nimmt Emmanuel Macrons Arbeitsrechtsreform unter die Lupe

Wien, 18.1.2018 – Beim heutigen Wolf Theiss Employment Breakfast hat Matthias Rubner, französischer Rechtsanwalt und Partner bei Latham & Watkins in...


Vienna, December 22 2017 – Wolf Theiss has advised mobile operator T-Mobile on the acquisition of UPC Austria. Liberty Global plc, the largest...


Warsaw, 16 October 2017 – Paulina Przewoźnik has joined the employment team of Wolf Theiss Warsaw. The appointment of Paulina comes as Wolf Theiss...


Warsaw, 13 October 2017 – Changing regulations in Austria and Germany are beginning to pose a threat to Polish companies posting workers to these...


Wien, 13. September 2017 – Die Innovationskraft von Mitarbeitern stellt ein großes Potential dar, das bei optimaler Nutzung maßgeblich zum Erfolg und...


Vienna, 7 June 2017 – Wolf Theiss has advised IHR LABOR, a network of medical laboratories, in legal questions surrounding IP, data protection,...


Vienna, 3 May 2017 – Wolf Theiss has advised Kyoto-based Nidec, one of the leading manufacturers of electric motors, components and accessories, in...

Newssquare  Kündigung - Trennung im Guten oder im Bösen: wie aus Gewitterwölkchen desaströse Unwetter entstehen und wie diese vermieden werden können

Beim gestrigen Wolf Theiss Employment Workshop haben Personalberater Othmar Hill und Wolf Theiss Partner Ralf Peschek wirtschaftspsychologische und...


Wien, 25.02.2016 – Das Wolf Theiss Employment Round-Up stand gestern ganz im Zeichen der "Zukunft der Arbeit". Franz Kühmayer, Trendforscher und...

Client Alerts / Newsletters

Newssquare  Upcoming Changes to the Polish Labor Code

The work on a particularly significant amendment to the Polish Labor Code has been finalized. On 20 May 2019, the Act amending the Polish Labor Code...

Newssquare  Deadlines approaching under the new Persons with Disabilities Act

The new Persons with Disabilities Act (PDA) aims to enhance conditions for social and labour integration of people with disabilities in Bulgaria and...

Newssquare  Romania: Labour Law Amendments - Additional Annual Leave for In Vitro Fertilization

Governmental Emergency Ordinance no. 26/2019 entered into force on 23 April 2019 bringing changes to the Romanian Labour Code.

Newssquare  Amendments of the Trade Unions Act

On 1 January 2019, important amendments of the Trade Unions Act came into force enabling individuals engaged under civil law contracts, in particular...

Newssquare  Upcoming Changes to Employment Documentation

The Polish Parliament has adopted an act that became effective 1 January 2019 and shortens the retention period of human resource files and allows...

Newssquare  Amendment of the Hungarian Labour Code

Triggering intense emotions and protestation, the bill related to the amendment of the Hungarian Labour Code has been accepted by the Parliament on...

Newssquare  Increase of Minimum Salary in Romania

Starting 1 January 2019, the minimum gross salary in Romania will increase to RON 2,080 (approx. EUR 430), while the minimum gross salary for...

Newssquare  Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Changes and Amendments to the Labour Law

On 9 November 2018, the Law on Changes and Amendments to the Labour Law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (initially adopted in 2016) was...

Newssquare  A new collective agreement for Slovenia's trade sector: does it apply to you (yet)?

On 15 August 2018, the new Collective agreement for Slovenia's trade sector ("new CA") has entered into force. Currently it is only binding upon...

Newssquare  Guidelines for Monitoring Employees after GDPR

Due to the implementation of GDPR, new provisions have been added to the Polish Labor Code ("Act") which, among others, regulate the monitoring of...

Newssquare  Bulgaria – Electronic Communication and Electronic Files now Available Option for Employers

As of May 2018 the new Ordinance on the Rules and Requirements for Creation and Storage of Electronic Documents at the Employee’s File [1] (the...

Newssquare  Latest Amendment to the National Court Register Act

The latest amendment to the National Court Register Act ("Act") introduces many changes that will significantly affect its functioning and obligations...

Newssquare  Romanian Law Implementing The GDPR Has Been Submitted To The Senate

On March 14, 2018 the Romanian law for implementing measures on EU Regulation no. 2016/679 on the protection of individual rights with regard to the...

Newssquare  Bulgaria Joins The EU 'AMLD IV Implementation' Club

Yesterday, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted the Anti-Money Laundering Act (in Bulgarian: Закон за мерките срещу изпирането на пари). The Act...

Newssquare  New Draft Law For Teleworking Activities In Romania

Draft law regarding teleworking activities is currently in the process of being approved by the Romanian government.

The Draft Law has been submitted...

Newssquare  Polish Employee Capital Plans

On February 8th, 2018, the Polish Ministry of Finance released the long-awaited first draft of the bill on employee capital plans (Ustawa o...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Employment Spotlight – January 2018

May employers in Serbia access their staff's e-mails and what happens if employees in Romania record conversations with their managers or HR...

Newssquare  Bulgaria: Recent Employment Law Changes Restrict M&A Transactions for Bad Employers

Protection of employees which was given strong support by Bulgarian Parliament led to difficulties in closing M&A transactions


Newssquare  New Rules For Summarized Calculation Of Working Time In Bulgaria

On 1 January 2018 important amendments to the Ordinance on working time, breaks and holidays (the 'Ordinance') concerning the summarized calculation...

Newssquare  The Polish Personal Data Protection Act Is Closer To Completion

On Monday, January 15th, 2018, in the Column Hall of the Polish Parliament, the Ministry of Digitalization organized a meeting to summarize the public...

Newssquare  Expected Developments In The Pension System

Introduction Of Employee Capital Plans


In July 2016 the Polish Minister of Finance proposed the Capital Development Program; a comprehensive plan...

Newssquare  An Obligatory Charge for Certain Types of Plastic Bags Effective as of 01 January 2018

Earlier this year, National Council of the Slovak Republic passed the Act No. 90/2017 Coll. (the "Amendment") amending and supplementing the Act No....

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Employment Spotlight - December 2017

Recall from annual leave in Poland & background checks in Slovenia - do you know the legal framework behind it? No? Read the latest edition of our...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Employment Spotlight - November 2017

Using fingerprints for recording attendance at work in Bosnia & Herzegovina & working from home at the employee's request in Croatia. These are the...

Newssquare  Changes in Slovenian Labour Law

This year, changes to three Slovenian labour-law-related acts were proposed, aiming, inter alia, to reduce disguised employment (i.e. performance of...

Newssquare  Wolf Theiss Employment Spotlight - October 2017

Did you know that there are limits to an employee's free speech in Hungary or would you know what's the limit to daily work hours in Austria. Read the...

Newssquare  Amendments to the Croatian Foreigners Act

On 30 June 2017, the Croatian Parliament adopted extensive amendments to the existing Foreigners Act in order to implement relevant EU legislation and...

Newssquare  Claims Settlement Order in Bankruptcy Proceedings Declared Unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court of FBiH has found that the current order of settlement of workers' claims in bankruptcy proceedings is unconstitutional.


The High Court of Justice of Romania established in Decision no.34/2016, published in the Official Monitor no.18 dated 9 January 2017, that a...

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