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Welcome to the newest edition of the WOLF THEISS Corporate Monitor’s M&A Spotlight on Central and Eastern Europe ("CEE"), which we are proud to release in cooperation with Mergermarket, a leading intelligence and news service for mergers and acquisitions across the globe.

Newssquare Restructuring Loans and Enforcement of Security

The most important lessons learned since the collapse of Lehman Brothers are that no bank is too big to fail and that national banking systems are ill-equipped to deal with a truly global financial market.

Newssquare International Arbitration in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss’ strength has always been its regional coverage and we believe this is particularly true for our arbitration team. In a very exciting start to 2016 we launched the new Wolf Theiss competence Center for Arbitration in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (CEE/SEE).

Newssquare Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss is proud to announce the release of the seventh edition of its flagship publication "The Wolf Theiss Guide to Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe" (the "RES Guide").

Newssquare Waste to Energy in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss is pleased to publish the first edition (2016) of "The Wolf Theiss Waste to Energy Guide in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe" (the "WtE Guide").

Newssquare INSIDE CORPORATE - Corporate Monitor FY 2015

Together with Mergermarket, we have analysed the main drivers and challenges for corporate transactions in 2016 and beyond in each of the countries that make up the region. In order to put our statistical analysis into a broader and more meaningful context, we have also surveyed dealmakers from many different industries as well as private equity firms who have been involved in regional transactions in the past year. Finally, we have also outlined some of the main legal developments that affect M&A transactions in each country in CEE/SEE.


The chart assumes that the deal is structured as a straightforward sale of the loan portfolio by a domestic seller to a foreign buyer. Other possible structures involving a domestic SPV, securitization vehicles, asset management companies (AMC) or a “bad bank” as well as synthetic structures are considered in another upcoming publication.

Newssquare The Relevance of EMIR for Non-Financial Actors

doing OTC business in non-regulated markets with volumes of more than EUR 1-3 billion gross notional value ▪ Implications of Regulation 648/2012 on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories (EMIR) in selected CEE/SEE countries

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