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Newssquare Geplante BVergG-Novelle 2015

Derzeit ist die nächste Novelle des Bundesvergabegesetzes in Planung. Nach ersten Informationen dürften mit dieser BVergG Novelle 2015 wesentliche Änderungen im Bereich der Zuschlagskriterien und der Subvergabe vorgenommen werden. Ziel der Novelle soll die Verhinderung von Lohn- und Sozialdumping sein. Allgemein soll die Qualität der Leistungsvergaben gesteigert werden. Eine Umsetzung der im März veröffentlichten neuen Vergaberichtlinien (RL 2014/23/EU, RL 2014/24/EU und RL 2014/25/EU) ist mit dieser Novelle jedoch noch nicht geplant. Dies soll gesondert erfolgen. Abschließende Details der Novelle stehen noch nicht fest. Nachstehend finden Sie jedoch einen Überblick über die wesentlichsten...

Newssquare Latest Changes in the Public Procurement Act in Bulgaria

In May 2014 amendments and supplements to the Public Procurement Act (PPA) were promulgated in the State Gazette – 28th since the act`s adoption in 2004. The PPA`s amendments aim, on the one hand, at harmonizing its provisions with these of the European Union legal framework and, on the other hand, at removing identified defects in its practical application.

Newssquare Best Practices for Croatian Labour Law Compliance

This best practices check list was put together in order to help employers comply with the most important statutory requirements set forth in the Labor Act (Official Gazette 93/14, “Labor Act”) and to be ready for a visit by the Labor Inspection. The task of the Labor Inspection is to assure statutory labour standards compliance by employers at the workplace.

Newssquare New Labor Act

The new Labor Act (Official Gazette, 93/14) entered into force on 7th August 2014. In our Client Alert “Labor Legislation Reform” of March 2014, we presented the draft that was before the Parliament at that time. The Government announced the draft as being very progressive and pro business. Facing strong trade union and public opposition, the resulting legislation is a compromise between employee and employer aspirations which amounts to only a mild improvement of the business climate.


Newssquare The new law on Privatization in Serbia

On 2 August 2014 the Serbian Parliament adopted the new Law on Privatization (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 83/2014, the "Law"), which derogated the previously existing Privatization Law of 2001, together with the related sub-regulations (except for Art. 11 of the Restructuring Decree - until completion of sale of the entities undergoing restructuring in line with the derogated regulations).

Newssquare Serbia: Amendments to the Law on Insolvency

On 2 August 2014 the Serbian Parliament adopted amendments to the Law on Insolvency for the purpose of creating a solid business environment, in which creditors` claims would be settled more efficiently and more transparently. The amendments to the law were published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia on 5 August 2014 and shall become effective on 15 August 2014.

Newssquare The controversial 20% fee on solar and wind res generators declared unconstitutional by the Bulgarian Constitutional Court

By virtue of Decision No.13, dated 31 July 2014, under constitutional case No.1/2014, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Bulgaria, with 10 out of 12 judges voting in favour, declared as unconstitutional the introduction of the controversial 20% fee on the revenues of the photovoltaic ("PV") and wind renewable source electricity generators stipulated under Article 35a of the Act for Energy from Renewable Sources ("AERS").

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