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A new Special Collective Bargaining Agreement for Chemistry and Non-Metals (1) (the CBA) was recently concluded in Serbia, with effect as of 22 November 2015 until 22 November 2018. The CBA is binding on all employers that carry out industrial or manufacturing activities in the field of chemistry and non-metals (2) in Serbia (3).

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The CBA regulates the method of calculation of an employee's base salary and prescribes higher percentages for mandatory increases thereof – e.g. for work on a public holiday, the employee is entitled to a mandatory increase of at least 120% of base salary (which is more than the 110% mandatory increase otherwise applicable pursuant to the Labour Law).

The CBA also determines the amounts of employee per diems for business travel in Serbia and abroad, as well as the amount of the meal allowance.

In addition, the CBA prescribes criteria for determining the minimum number of an employee's annual vacation days and also introduces additional cases in which an employee is entitled to paid leave, in addition to those prescribed by the Labour Law.

Safety and health at work are also regulated in more detail by the CBA.

Affected employers must harmonize their existing internal rulebooks and employment contracts with the provisions of the CBA by 22 November 2015.


(1) Special Collective Agreement for Chemistry and Non-Metals in Serbia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No.88/2015).

(2) The CBA applies to all employers with the following registered prevailing business activities:  08.11,  08.12, 08.91,  08.93,  08.99,  09.10,  09.90,  10.84,  13.96,  15.20,  17.11,  20.11,  20.12, 20.13,  20.14,  20.15,  20.16,  20.17, 20.20,  20.30,  20.41,  20.42,  20.51,  20.52,  20.53,  20.59, 20.60,  21.10,  21.20,  22.11,  22.19,  22.21,  22.22,  22.23, 22.29,  23.11,  23.12,  23.13,  23.14,  23.19,  23.20,  23.31,  23.41,  23.42,  23.43,  23.44,  23.49,  23.70,  23.91,  23.99, 27.12, 27.51 and 32.50.

(3) An example of an activity to which the CBA applies is (with relevant corporate activity codes):
22.1 Production of Rubber Products
    22.11 – Production of Tires for Vehicles, Retreading of Tires for Vehicles;
    22.19 – Production of Other Rubber Products.

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